• Wesley Aleshire

Put a Positive Spin on a Not So Positive Situation

There will be times when the office is devoid of laughter. Those times when we’ve got to get down to business, have tough conversations, and reflect on the task at hand. In times like those, “the words we use during them, can define a situation”.

This doesn’t go to say you shouldn’t be positive throughout them though. We all have a choice when it comes to approaching tough scenarios and the choice we should make, is to take the optimistic route and set a better path for the interaction.

Example for Clarification

After multiple proposals, revisions, and pitches, your product just isn’t getting through to a select group of buyers. In your minds, you’ve exhausted all possibilities and you’re ready to throw in the towel. What you may want to say is, “there’s nothing more we can do, and all hope is lost”. Unfortunately, that’s the wrong route to take.

When morale is low, you’re tired, and it feels like you have nothing left to give, give a little more and inspire others to do the same.

Here’s a positive spin on words in that situation: “Let’s get back to the drawing board, I’m sure together we can resolve this.” By ditching that negative point of view and adopting a bright outlook, you’ve opened up the floor for more brainstorming, ideas, and another shot at success.

Another example is more personal. When things go belly up, we sometimes have this automatic reaction. It’s like we’re triggered to blame someone or something directly. And that could mean one’s self. It’s easy when something goes wrong to say, “You should have” or “I should have”. Next time you find yourself there, try to look into the future. Talk about next time and how you or we can improve and do better.

You might not have knocked it out of the park today, but tomorrow is another day and another chance to do well.

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