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Improve Workplace Culture with Outside Ideas

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

If innovation and technology are the keys to creating a more efficient workplace environment, why are we still so busy all of the time?

I believe it’s time allocation. Not from the individual associate but from the decision-making process used to determine what workplace responsibilities are required.

This is where the UI/UX playbook comes to mind. Just in case you were not sure, the UI/UX acronym equates to User Interaction & User Experience.

Part of the UI/UX design process is finding the right connection between business needs and user experience. It’s a rational target for consideration.

Now, think about the decision-making process at your company, when determining what responsibilities should be required to meet the business needs, are you also considering the needs of the associates?

If not, you should...

UI/UX Designers ask tons of questions to better understand User Interaction & User Experience. They use those answers to determine what approach meets both needs. This approach is taken because the needs of their company and their customers are both very important.

So, the next time you plan on rolling out a new system or changing a protocol, ask yourself a few extra questions, like these:

  • Is it the right time to make this change?

  • How will your team feel about the change?

  • How much of their limited time will this take?

If you choose to snag this simple process from the UI/UX playbook, you may start to change the dynamics of how workplace responsibilities impact your workplace culture.

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