Over 18-years of experience creating and facilitating learning related content.

I experienced a consistent problem as part of a training team, leading a training department, and as an entrepreneur. That problem was restrictive budgets. Early on in my career, this resulted in me having to choose solutions based on cost. 

Knowing that there is no better investment that the investment in personal growth and development for an organization, I made it my personal goal to learn the needed skillset to utilize some of the most innovative technologies being used today. 

Along the way, this has surrounded me with other likeminded individuals, that shared the same passion for innovation. Together, we have continuously embraced new learning curves so that our own skillset wouldn't be limited by a budget. 


We strongly believe that others just like you should have a better option when it comes to creating your next training related masterpiece.

By utilizing our combined skillsets and collection of innovative technologies, we have created a place where you will be able to bring your ideas to life without having to go through that long drawn out learning curve.

Wesley Aleshire

Facilitator, Innovator, & Creative Designer

Founder -  Aleshire Consulting

About Aleshire Consulting